FRESHIELD - Malaysia Vacuum Canisters Sealers Bags Rolls Accessories Supplier Wizvac Elite Genisys Greenzone Orange


    FRESHIELD - Malaysia Vacuum Canisters Sealers Bags Rolls Accessories Supplier Wizvac Elite Genisys Greenzone Orange
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Welcome to Freshield, the world's leading vacuum seal packaging solutions for raw and cooked foods. Our products are the ultimate packaging method for storing and prolonging the freshness of all your raw and cooked foods.

Our range of vacuum sealing solutions have hundreds of applications and are used not only in the kitchen for cooking and food storage but also with boating, camping, fishing, four wheel driving, fitness, farming and mining. Our products not only preserve food but can be used to protect documents, jewellery and machinery parts.

We do more than provide a great range of products. We help our customers to gain the full benefits of our machines and the vacuum sealing process.

Our world class product range comprises the innovative Elite Vacuum Sealer, Genysis Vacuum Canisters and Wizvac Bags and Rolls. The Freshield accessories are extremely versatile and can withstand dishwashing, refrigeration, freezing, and re-heating processes such as microwaving and boiling.

The Freshield Difference The Elite Vacuum Sealer extracts air and moisture from specially designed bags and canisters leaving the contents in an airtight environment. The high quality bags and canisters seal air out and keep freshness in. This proven technology extends food freshness for up to five times longer than all other conventional storage methods.

    Experience the advantages of:

  • Stop wasting and throwing away food
  • Save time and money by bulk buying your meats and groceries
  • Keep leftovers as fresh and delicious as the day they were prepared
  • Prepare meals over the weekend and then store for easy weeknight reheating
  • Store meals in serving sized portions for simple and effective portion control
  • Keep food fresh for up to 5 times longer than other storage methods
  • Marinate meats in minutes instead of hours
  • Store delicate and moist foods in convenient canisters
  • Avoid food spoilage by mould and bacteria which can grow as a result of exposure to air
  • Avoid air which oxidizes food, spoils flavours and omit odours
  • Avoid hardened foods caused by air and dehydration
  • Avoid freezer burns especially with meats

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